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    NITF 2023 was successfully held in Qingdao, Shandong Province from May 10 to 12
    Circular Belt of the Dome of Tianwan NPS Unit 7 Installed
    Doosan Begins Production of Key Components for Shin Hanul
    Fabrication Begins of Main Equipment for Shin Hanul 3 and 4
    Successful Demonstration of New Sludge Removal Technique
    Xudabao 3 Vessel Passes Hydrostatic Tests
    Preparatory Construction Begins for Pallas Research Reactor
    Major Module Put in Place at Sanmen 4
    Hot Functional Testing Completed at Vogtle-4
    Korea Starts Construction of New Research Reactor
    Construction Begins of Third Unit at Egypt’s El Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant
    Finance Agreed for Polish SMR Plans
    Key Equipment Shipped Together to India and China
    Construction Begins of Fourth Haiyang Unit
    Terrestrial Energy’s Molten Salt Reactor Passes Canadian Vendor Design Review
    TVO Accepts Olkiluoto EPR Ahead of Commercial Operation
    Second Tranche of Funding for Atucha Investment Raised
    Rooppur: Bangladesh Paying Russia in Yuan to Sidestep Sanctions
    ISL Mooted for Second Canadian Uranium Project
    France’s Andra Seeks to Increase Low-Level Waste Storage Capacity
    Radiological Operations of Idaho’s IWTU Begin
    Hungary and Belarus Agree Nuclear Energy Cooperation
    Chinese and German Milestones in Fusion Research
    UCC Completes Nuclear Diving Project at Legacy Sellafield Pond
    Bruce Power Issues C$600 Million in Green Bonds
    Innovative Filtration System Shortens Schedule and Delivers Radwaste Savings
    Bruce and Cameco Partner for Long-Term Nuclear Fuel Supply
    UK Assessment of Rolls-Royce SMR Design Progresses
    India Eyes Major Expansion of Nuclear Power
    Subsidiary of Rosatom’s TVEL Fuel Company Will Supply Lithium-7 for a Nuclear Power Plant in Brazil
    Mo-99 Production Reaches Non-proliferation Milestone
    Contract for Shin Hanul 3 and 4 Major Components Signed
    Japanese High Court Supports Operation of Ikata NPP Unit 3
    Bulgaria ‘Close to Signing Westinghouse and Edf Pre-project Studies'
    Subsidiary of Rosatom’s TVEL Fuel Company Will Supply Lithium-7 for a Nuclear Power Plant in Brazil
    Innovative Filtration System Shortens Schedule and Delivers Radwaste Savings
    Leak of Radioactive Water at Monticello Makes Headlines
    Hot functional testing begins at Vogtle 4
    USA, Indonesia Announce Partnership on SMRs
    Subsidiary of Rosatom’s TVEL Fuel Company Will Supply Lithium-7 for a Nuclear Power Plant in Brazil
    UK Labels Nuclear Power ‘Green’ to Attract Climate-Friendly Capital
    World’s Largest Class Nuclear Power Reactor to Start in Finland in April
    Ansaldo Nuclear Wins Romania Life Extension Deal
    Nuscale Places First Long-Lead Material Production Order With Doosan
    France’s Nuclear Watchdog Says Corrosion Crack Flagged by Edf at Penly 1 Reactor
    Vistra to Grow Reactor Fleet With Purchase of Energy Harbor
    Framatome delivers Hinkley Point C reactor pressure vessel
    Grossi Sees Positive Results From Iran Trip
    Nine Mile Point Begins Clean Hydrogen Production
    Eleven EU States Unite to Strengthen Nuclear Power
    New Reactor Dismantling Technique Used at Crystal River
    X-Energy, Dow Agree to Embed an Xe-100 Demo at a Gulf Coast Industrial Facility
    Hydrogen-Boron Fusion Breakthrough
    Unit 3 of the UAE’s Barakah Nuclear Plant Enters Commercial Operation
    Loviisa Approved for Operation to 2050
    Westinghouse Begins Joint Licensing Process for Microreactor in Us and Canada
    Poland Moves Forward With Country’s First Nuclear Power Plant
    Outer Dome Installed at Zhangzhou 1
    UK Government Opens Bidding for Nuclear Fuel Fund
    Work Starts on Belgian Isotope Residue Recycling Facility
    Poland’s Industria Selects Rolls-Royce SMR for Green Energy Projects
    UK Establishes New Body to Deliver Its Fusion Programme
    France’s Nuclear Policy Council seeks to “remobilise” the nuclear sector
    UK Government Opens Bidding for Nuclear Fuel Fund
    Centrus Competes Construction, Initial Testing of Haleu Demonstration Cascade
    Savannah River Facility Prepped for NNSA Project
    Modern Surface Assessment Technologies Address Today’s Inspection Challenges in Nuclear Power Plants
    Belarus NPP Unit 2 Preparing for Trial Grid Connection
    UK Government Opens Bidding for Nuclear Fuel Fund
    AEOI Chief Rejects IAEA Report Over Change in Enrichment
    Lucas Heights Redevelopment Project Gets Under Way
    Belgium’s Nuclear Phase-Out Policy Claims Second Victim
    Bruce Power’s Unit 3 Marks 45 Years of Operation; Final Preparations Underway for Major Component Replacement Outage
    French Bill on Accelerating Nuclear New Build Progresses to Senate
    Slovenia Extends Nuclear Plant Operation Until 2043
    Poland’s Respect Energy Considers Deploying French SMR Design
    ITER to Replace 23KM of Cooling Pipes on Thermal Shield Panels
    Vogtle 3 Projected to Enter Service in April
    South Korea Increases Expected Contribution of Nuclear Power
    Holtec Claims SMR-160 Can Repurpose Any Coal-Fired Plant
    CGN’s First Hualong One Reactor Starts Supplying Electricity
    Hungary Expects Paks Ii by 2032, Plans Fresh Paks Operating Extension
    Chinese Tokamak Achieves Super I-Mode
    NuScale marks SMR progress in USA, Romania
    Copenhagen Atomics puts forward SMR design for UK appraisal
    Rokkasho reprocessing plant completion delayed again
    Outer dome installed at Kursk II-1
    Contracts for Ignalina dismantling technology
    Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant Faces New 2-Year Delay
    Back-up Generators From German Plant Headed for Finland
    Urenco Will Supply Ukraine With Enriched Uranium Beginning in 2026
    Russia’s Nuclear Energy Giant Expects 2022 Exports To Rise By 15%
    Japan Must Clearly Explain Its Energy Policy Switch
    U.S. To Reveal Scientific Milestone On Fusion Energy
    Korean Nuclear Reactor Back Online After 5-year Maintenance Outage
    Borssele Earmarked For Two New Reactors
    China's Demonstration HTR-PM Reaches Full Power
    India Announces Plans to Build More Nuclear Power Plants
    Ceremony held for icebreaker Ural's first working journey
    Nuclear IT Series Nuclear New Build Series
    Nuclear O&M Series Nuclear Material Series
    Nuclear Emergency & Safety Series
    Nuclear Fuel Cycling& Decomm Series
    Nuclear Finance,Insurance & Regulation Series
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