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    If there’s a place that you want tobecome more mature in a short time, you may meet up with the world’s industry leaders, you can deeply understand different industries,you can learn from great minds, or you want to use your intelligence to share big ideas, it is INNCH.

    At INNCH, Weare good at team work in a friendly and passionate environment. Everyone cares about thedevelopment of our staff and our clients. We know that our success depends on your talents and contributions. All of your efforts to our company will be rewarded. If you keep the same idea, you’ll find yourself at home at INNCH.

    We have developed several functional positions for talent candidates. Please submit your CV to lynnl@innchinc.com

    and indicate which job functions you're interested in.Join INNCH and set sail your dream and start anexciting life.

    Domestic Sales Executive
    Overseas Sales Executive
    Sales Manager
    Conference Producer
    Join Us
    Job Opportunities
    Career Development
    (+86-21) 6073 7200
    Room 516,Anlian Building
      Jingzhou Road 168
      Yangpu District,Shanghai.
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    Join Us
    Job Opportunities
    Career Development
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    Tel: (+86-21) 6073 7200
    Fax: (+86-21) 6176 8133
    Email: info@innchinc.com
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